Donate Goods
Some of the items on a homeless person's wish list include things like:
Wrapped candy
Tooth brushes & toothpaste (small sized)
Knit hats
Work Gloves

Tissue packets (small, please)

Particularly in the winter months, we give away literally thousands of socks and hundreds of knit hats and gloves. Due to limited storage space, we cannot accept donations of clothing. Dispatch Center volunteers may bring clothing with them to distribute on the evenings when they volunteer. PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions about what items are appropriate and needed for distribution to our clients, please send us an email at
Our apartment residents always appreciate:
Gift Certificates
Event tickets
Grocery Store Gift cards
Baked goods

To support of our Dispatch and Food Programs, we always need:

Paper plates

Plastic forks

8 oz. cups
Paper napkins
Sandwich bags
Powdered drink mix, bulk pack
33 gallon garbage bags
45 gallon yard waste bags
Toilet paper

Pine Sol

#10 or large cans of chili, beans, soup, stews, vegetables, fruit
Dry goods, such as rice, pasta, sugar
Commercially prepared jams, jellies
Peanut butter
Fresh milk & juices
Wrapped candy
Individual snack items
Whole individual fruit (apples, oranges, etc.)
We cannot accept foods prepared in homes, except for baked goods.
P.O Box 21181 . Seattle, WA 98111 . 206-323-4359

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