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Homeless people are on their feet all day, and the only pair of socks they own are very likely to be wet, especially during Seattle’s rainy time of year. (September through June).
"Our feet get really chewed up," says Fred. Working, walking around all day, and no change of socks. Yuck. You can guess how it is at night when guys in the shelter peel off their shoes.
In response, Operation Nightwatch hosts "Sock It to Homelessness" every October to kick off the season's annual sock drive. Community groups, churches, youth groups, and concerned citizens bring new athletic socks to Operation Nightwatch and we have a ball . . . literally. Volunteers roll the socks into balls, thousands of them. These socks are distributed to homeless people at night through the rest of the year. In 2015, we collected more than 20,000 pairs of socks!!
2016 Sock It to Homelessness took place on Sunday, November 13, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.. 

For more information on "Sock It to Homelessness" call (206) 323 4359 or email here

P.O Box 21181 . Seattle, WA 98111 . 206-323-4359

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